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Student Support Programs

Lunch Programs

Students have spoken highly of the many different lunch time programs we run. Clubs range from the Fishing Club, Gardening Club, Cross Stitch Club, Art Clubs, and Fitness Clubs. These are great opportunities for students to get involved in something different.

365 Grind

365 Grind is a program that has been developed for students to analyse their strengths and areas to improve upon whilst giving direction through personal coaching and guidance. The program has been developed to be undertaken in creative and supportive environment 

Rock and Water 

The Rock & Water program provides our students with a pathway to self-awareness, and increased self-confidence and social functioning. 

Each participant of the Rock & Water program undergoes a journey of self-awareness as they learn about responding to life with either a "rock" or a "water" attitude. The use of symbolism is central to the success of the Rock & Water program.  

Topics covered in the program include: intuition, body language, mental strength, empathic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualizing. Discussion topics include bullying, sexual harassment, homophobia, life goals, desires and following an inner compass.  

Top Blokes 

The Top Blokes Mentoring Program is a mentoring program for male students which uses a prevention and early intervention framework to provide an environment that fosters critical thinking so they can build self-efficacy and the skills to lead healthy and safe lives. The program's principles focus on strength-based, harm minimisation and innovative mentoring delivery methods, to engage boys at a formative stage in their lives.  

Queen B'S 

A small focus group program for girls in a supportive and caring environment. Topics covered include; self esteem, body image, confidence, social media, respect and positive psychology. 

Drumming Beginners 

Drumming in a supportive and structured environment giving students a sense of belonging  whilst working together to produce a final product that student can be proud of. 

Drumming Advanced 

Further working on, and refining drumming skills in practical workshops that highlight student confidence through creative arts and performances. 


RAGE is an award winning anger management course for adolescents aged between 11 and 17. RAGE is a strength based solution focused program that is hands on, practical and also fun for kids. Parents, teachers, carers and the like have commented on how this course has helped them and their children deal with the most misunderstood human emotion, anger. The Session themes are: 

The Many Faces of Anger 

The 4T’s Anger Cycle 

Healthy Expressions of Anger 

Getting Through the Guilt of Anger 

Relaxation, Exercise and Diet 

Summary, Evaluation and awards 

Each sessions runs for approximately 2 hours.  

Seasons for Growth 

Seasons for Growth is an innovative, evidence-based change, loss and grief education program that draws on the metaphor of the seasons to understand the experience of grief. It builds the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen social and emotional wellbeing following significant loss by: 

·     Exploring the impact of change and loss 

·     Learning about effective ways to respond and adapt 

Participants learn that they are not alone in their experience of change, loss and grief, and are able to build their communication, decision making and problem solving skills within the context of a safe and supportive peer group learning environment. 

All Seasons for Growth programs are grounded in sound, person-centred educational principles. 

As such, our programs have been shown to be a very effective education intervention. The programs do not provide counselling or psychotherapy. 

Creating Chances 

Creating Chances is a social enterprise which provides internationally and nationally renowned best practice, evidence-based programs promoting positive youth development through sport. 

Creating Chances aim to inspire, develop and empower young people to believe in themselves so they contribute positively to society and create positive change in the world. 

The core offering is the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway which is designed to build confident, capable and future-ready young people. Using sports to explore personal development, community building, social change and post-school pathways, our groundbreaking pathway allows children and young people to explore core skills in a fun and safe environment, and equips them with the tools required to achieve their goals in life. 

Youth Academy 

The youth academy guide & support youth with their development and achieving success in sport, academics and life.
They help our students increase their confidence and belief and develop themselves as people. With the academy, our students will discover direction in life and be empowered with all the tools required to achieve the success they aspire to achieve in sport, academics and life.