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Special Education

At Glendale Technology High School, the Special Education Unit is known as the “Thrive Academy”, with each class being named after a gemstone: Onyx, Jade, Ruby, Opal, Emerald, Sapphire, Tiger Eye & Amethyst.

The academy currently has 5 Multi Categorical (MC) Classes, 1 Moderate Intellectual/Severe Intellectual (IO/IS) Class and 2 Emotional Disturbance (ED) classes. Each class caters for a maximum of 10 students and has a School Learning Support Officer. The Academy’s Head Teacher is currently Miss Jamie Wakefield.

Key Learning Area's

Students generally follow a Life Skills pattern of study, with opportunities to experience mainstream classes and/or outcomes, if deemed appropriate for the student. Students taught within the academy include English, Mathematics, HSIE and Health. Subjects taught by mainstream staff in specialist rooms include practical PE, Science, TAS and CAPA.

Work & Community

In Stage 6, the Life Skills Program includes the subject of Work and the Community. This includes the opportunity to access Tafe YES+ Courses, Excursions to Disability Careers Expos and Work Experience tailored to the students’ strengths and interests, supported by a job coach or SLSO if deemed necessary.

Individual Education Plan / Individual Transition Plan

All students in the academy follow an Individual Education Plan. Meetings are held with parents and staff in Term One of each year. School Counsellors, support personnel from outside agencies and the Transition Coordinator are invited to these meetings when appropriate. Goals for the child's academic and social progress/integration are established at these meetings. Goals and outcomes from the year are reviewed with parents in Term 4 of each year.

Year 6 to 7 Transition Program

In Terms 3-4, Year 6 students undertake a transition to High School program. The program includes multiple regular visits, allowing students to adjust to the many changes and challenges that high school presents. Students are integrated into classes and participate in all aspects of academy life. This provides them with the opportunity to establish relationships with staff and peers, become familiar with the setting, and experience some high school lessons, prior to beginning Year 7.

The Integration Program

When appropriate, individual students are integrated into mainstream subjects. Students benefit from this program for both academic and social reasons. Students can access any subjects the school provides if deemed appropriate. Many of our students currently participate in STRIVE electives in Stage 5. These students have the support of a Student Learning Support Officer for integrated lessons; however, some students do not require support at all due to the skilled differentiation provided by staff.

Cross School Integration

Students are integrated for mainstream roll call, Thursday afternoon school sport, Aboriginal programs and any whole school events, such as swimming and athletics carnivals. Students can choose suitable interest electives and when possible, integration into subjects of personal interest are arranged.

Learning and Support Teachers (LAST)

Every Student, Every School Learning and Support Program is designed to ensure all students with additional learning and support needs, and/or physical disabilities within a NSW Public School have equitable access to the curriculum. The Learning and Support program has gained momentum at GTHS and is delivering effective and diverse support opportunities to students with varying learning and support needs.

The Learning and Support Teachers (LaST) play a key role in ensuring that the specific learning needs of all GTHS students are met. Students requiring extra support with learning and have differing levels of educational needs, which

may require various and flexible support, including 1:1 support, small group intensive learning and in-class assistance.

The Learning and Support teachers provide support to students within all years, ranging from Intensive Literacy and Numeracy workshops, analysis and remediation with NAPLAN, working with teachers to provide extra support for students with additional learning needs in their class, shared reading groups, and disability provisions for the HSC Trial and HSC Exams.

We continue to provide exciting and beneficial learning programs and activities to ensure students have equitable access to all curriculum and learning activities.