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Glendale Technology High School Wellbeing Team implement and evaluate significant wellbeing programs that are relevant to support our students and families within our school community.

We strive to encourage our students to chase their dreams and apply themselves to achieve their very best at everything they do.

Wellbeing programs are implemented internally and externally throughout the year to further support and develop student’s knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics that are relevant to our student’s lives.

Our Wellbeing Team is well established and will always hold the welfare and education of our students as our number one priority. We work collaboratively and cohesively to ensure we have our student’s best interests at heart, whilst continuing to build upon our existing programs to ensure that students gain access to the best education possible in a safe and supportive environment. This is reinforced through Ant-bullying initiatives, Building Healthy Relationships, Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Life Ready Course and Study Skills, as well as excursions and focus areas that highlight information and education on these significant areas.

The team continually take on regular training and development initiatives concerning the wellbeing of our students and are heavily involved in Learning and Support Team meetings, whilst also being committed to open communication between students, staff and our GTHS families.

We look forward to strengthening our links between the whole school community with enthusiasm, focus and direction to ensure that our school and students are safe, engaged and have every chance to succeed at school, in the community and in life in general.