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Student Services Team

Our Student Services Team at GTHS is an extensive and professional team complete with enthusiasm and dedication. The team comprises of numerous members of staff across the school including;

·         Principal - Mr Anthony Angel

·         Deputy Principal (Years - 11 and 12) - Mr Peter Henson

·         Deputy Principal (Years - 7 and 8) - Mrs Samantha Booth

·         Deputy Principal (Years - 9 and 10) - Mrs Esme Corney

·         Head Teacher Student Services - Mr Craig Clinton

·         Head Teacher Special Education - Mrs Deb Taylor

·         Head Teacher Administration – Mr Simon Williamson

·        Year 7 Advisor - Mr Matthew Erich

·        Year 8 Advisor - Miss Ellie Singleton

·        Year 9 Advisor - Miss Emma Wilson

·        Year 10 Advisor - Miss Hayley Ward and Mr Adam O’Brien

·        Year 11 Advisor - Mr Dylan Morgan

·        Year 12 Advisor -Mr Gavin Wilson

·         School Sports Co-ordinator – Miss Leigh Whitehead

·         Girls Advisor - Mrs Belynda Nelmes

·         Learning and Support Teachers (LaST's) – Mr Nick Babic and Miss Emma Wilson

·         School Counsellors – Nikki Burdack and Belinda Monticoe

·         Careers Advisor - Mrs Cassie Wells

·         Home School Liaison Officer - 

·         Police Liaison Officer - Senior Constable Nathan Johns

Our team has evaluated our whole school processes and policies. As such, we have implemented new programs, processes and policies to support students, families and staff of GTHS.

We have a number of welfare programs that are available for our Learning Support Team to utilise to support our students. The process for student enrolment and attendance occurs through Year Advisor, Deputy and Learning Support Team consultation. Our welfare based initiatives that are implemented across the school year include; Motivational Media, Peer Support, Rock and Water, Girls Focus Program, Boys Challenge Program, Road Whyz, RAGE, School Pride, Seasons For Growth as well as many other group and individualised welfare based programs.