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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Year 7 to Year 10 and becomes an elective path of study in Year 11 and 12.

The study of Mathematics provides opportunities for students to learn to describe and apply patterns and relationships; reason, predict and solve problems; calculate accurately both mentally and in written form; estimate and measure; and communicate information in a mathematical form.

The Mathematics faculty at Glendale Technology High School aims to develop student's practical mathematical skilss and provide them with the ability to apply logic, solve problems, communicate and make informed decisions. Students are assessed throughout the year to determine which outcomes they have achieved in or are still developing. Students are given feedback from the teacher on their performance on an individual level and grade level.

Students are encouraged to engage with content that has real world and theoretical applications to expand their knowledge with numeracy and mathematical concepts. The faculty caters for all ability levels and offers the following paths of study.

Mathematics Faculty Staff

  • Mr Nathan Jones (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Jade McInnes (2IC)
  • Mr Richard Phan
  • Mr Vishwa Nath
  • Mrs Lisa Arms
  • Ms Rashmi Sharma
  • Mrs Leanne Dowey
  • Mr Neil Caddies (Leave until 2024)
  • Mrs Susan Taranawiwat (LaST)
  • Ms Donna Nipperess (SLSO)
  • Mr Carlos Morrow (ILSP tutor)

Current Numeracy Focus: Multiplicative Thinking